What You Should Check In The Roof When Buying A House

When buying a new house, there is always something that can be improved on and a part of it is the roof. It is important to know what you should look for house hunting.

Most house sellers have checked their roofs before putting them up for sale. However, they do not realize how much damage they can cause if not properly maintained. If you are looking at houses in Pennsylvania, then you will find that most of these homes may have been damaged by leaks or other problems with the roof due to the weather condition.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the things you should look for on the roof when buying a new home.

  1. Age Of The Roof
    The age of the roof is one of the first things that you should consider when buying a new house. Most people assume that older roofs are better than newer ones because they think that the older materials used are more durable. Unfortunately, this is not true.
    Newer materials are often stronger and more durable than old ones. In fact, some companies even use recycled material to build roofs. This means that you can save money while getting a quality product.
  2. Quality Of Materials Used To Build The Roof
    When you buy a new house, you will usually find that the roof has been installed using different types of materials. Some of these materials include asphalt shingles, metal panels, tile, etc.
    You should also check the condition of the materials used. For example, if you see that the shingles are cracked or broken, then you should ask the seller about the replacement cost.
  3. Repairs That Have Been Done On The Roof
    Another thing that you should consider when purchasing a new house is whether or not the roof has been repaired. If the roof was previously repaired, then you should ask why it needed repair.
  4. How Often The Roof Is Inspected
    Look for the obvious issues. Another thing that you should consider is how often the roof is inspected. If the roof is inspected every year, then you should expect that it will last longer than if it is only inspected once a year.
  5. No Molds, No Breaks, And No Leaks
    Mold, breaks, and leaks are all signs of poor workmanship. If you notice any of these problems after buying a house, then you should immediately contact a professional roofing company so that they can fix the issue.
  6. Ventilation
    Ventilation is another important factor to consider when purchasing a new home. Check if there is a ventilation system on the roof. If there is no ventilation system, then you should ask yourself whether or not you really need one.
  7. No Sagging Issue
    Sagging is an indicator of structural weakness. Look for sagging in the attic area of your roof. If you find that the ceiling is lower than the rest of the room, then you should ask about replacing the entire roof.
  8. Downspout Location And Gutter Installation
    Check where the downspouts drain into. Make sure that they are placed away from the foundation wall. Also, make sure that they are protected from the elements.
    Check if the gutters are installed properly. If they have gaps, then you should replace them.
  9. Waterproofing System
    Make sure that there is a waterproofing system on the roof. This includes flashing and vents.
  10. Weather Resistance
    If the roof does not resist the weather well, then you should look at other options. It is important that the roof can withstand the weather conditions because if not, there’s a high chance that repairs would be required more than it should.

The Bottom Line

In reality, well-maintained roofs can last up to 30 years or more. But this still varies depending on many factors such as the weather conditions it has faced. So, when buying a new house, you should ask the seller of the roof’s age, especially if the house is not brand new.

Roofs are very important parts of our homes. They protect us from rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold. In fact, a good roof can save you money by reducing energy costs. However, you must know what you’re looking for before you buy a new house. Using the guide mentioned above will help you decide before you purchase your next home.


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