The Most Common Problems Caused By Not Cleaned Gutters

Gutters play a vital role in a house as they ensure that the water from heavy rains or storms is properly guided off from the roof and kept away from the house’s foundation. When installed and used correctly, it prevents soil erosion from the foundation of a house to avoid destruction. However, in reality, this scenario—which is the worst case—does not often happen, which is probably why many don’t believe it until it happens.

But did you know that aside from skipping the maintenance of the gutters can also cause other problems? One small problem when gutters are not cleaned may eventually lead to a bigger one. And that’s a fact!

In this blog, we will share with you some of the most common problems you will encounter when you don’t clean your gutters.


Flooded Basement

Most houses in North America have a basement that has many functions depending on the homeowners. But generally speaking, a house without proper gutters or gutters that are not well-maintained leads to having the basement of the house be flooded, especially when there’s heavy rain. You must remember that a basement is not waterproof and even if it is not flooded and your house doesn’t have gutters, it can lead to a damped basement that sooner or later would affect the durability of the house’s foundation.


Structural Damage

This is a serious scenario that for sure no homeowner wants to encounter because it means the house is falling apart. And, believe it or now, structural damage can happen when you neglect cleaning your gutters. What happens is that when gutters are not cleaned, rubbish, tree branches, a fallen leaf, or any other outdoor debris traps excess water from the rain which makes it stagnant and does not run through the pipelines. Over time, the water when not drained will find a way to escape such as being seeped through the walls or roof which can weaken the foundation.

Seeping water also can rot wood, roof,  tiles, and other materials that when it happens would cause you a big expense for a house repair.


Landscape Destruction

Water overflows from clogged gutters during heavy rain can run over and destroy your landscape. Not only that it will wash away mulch, but it will also destroy your flower and plants—shrubs and trees—while after the rain, stagnant water in the landscaping can happen. There’s a high potential that it would cause pest infestation, particularly mosquitos, as it is a perfect breeding area while making the outdoors look bad and smell bad because of molds, algae, and moss accumulation. And you don’t want it to happen, do you?


Makes The House Vicinity An Accident Prone Area

Walkways, driveways, and entryways are the most commonly affected areas by a clogged gutter. This causes water pooling or puddling in the area which can cause you to slip or have a physical accident. And you don’t want that to happen, do you?

The idea of having your gutters and downspouts cleaned is for you to have a safer environment in your home. Thus, it protects your well-being and keeps you away from having big expenses on the repairs of your house.


Gutter Cleaning Is A Must

Although cleaning gutters can be challenging and needs time, what matters is for you to look at the bigger picture. Maintenance is a necessity for any home to keep the house in its pristine condition. Thus proper maintenance immediately pinpoints what needs to be taken care of and keeps away bigger issues to persist.

You should remember that neglecting to clean the gutters doesn’t just affect the roof but can eventually lead to affecting the whole foundation of the house. And most importantly, when you skip over this task and a bigger house problem occurs, chances are it is not covered by insurance. So, as early as today, you should consider regular gutter installations or repairs.


The Grace Family Roofing Company Is Here To Help

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