The Most Common Roof Leak Causes

The roof is what protects our home from elements and without it, it can put us and our families in danger due to the constant change of the weather outside. It keeps us dry when it rains and keeps us shielded from the scorching sun. Though it may look ordinary, the roof plays a vital role to keep us safe and sound.

Nobody wants a dripping when it rains, passing through cold wind, or even any falling debris due to a crack or a hole in the ceiling. This is why taking care and proper maintenance of our roof is thoroughly important. And with that being said, we should have ample knowledge of whether a quick repair or major remodeling is needed in case unforeseen circumstances happen to our roof.

In this blog, we will share with you some of the most common roof leaks causes that you better know of.


Improper Flashing

Roofs require flashing, especially when it has a chimney, vent, or skylight. It is the material used to seal any protrusion in your roof watertight to the surface of the roof. It is installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof.

When flashing is improperly done, the roof is exposed to more elements and can corrode faster over time. What happens is that it is more prone to being damaged easily from rain which could easily be the reason for it to crack along with the fact that the season is constantly changing.

If not fixed immediately, the leak would continuously find its way to the inside of the home which eventually would create bigger damage to both interior and exterior of the house.


The Roof Has Aged

Although roofs are made to be durable and to last long, it doesn’t mean that it is built to last forever. Especially without proper maintenance, a roof could age faster making it more vulnerable that would cause leaks. Just like anything in this world, the roof also ages and wears down. And because it is exposed to many outdoor elements, its integrity would be compromised if not taken care of properly.

A roof is built to last at least 30 years before it must be replaced, but you should remember that it doesn’t always guarantee that number. Regular check-ups and maintenance are highly recommended to avoid leaks. Leaks, on the other hand, are the start for a roof to get damaged and by not taking care of it immediately, it could lead to bigger and more irreparable damage such as cracks, debris built up, water stand, clogged gutters, and seal on joints wearing off.


Condensation In The Attic

Sometimes, leaks are not caused by exterior damage but in the interior instead. If your attic has shown signs of mold growth and dew, it can contribute to causing leaks. As the uppermost part of the house, the attic is trapped between different temperatures indoors and outdoors. For this reason, it is a sensitive part of the house and should also be maintained accordingly as it may possibly contribute to the roof becoming vulnerable and may lead to roof leaks when left unattended.


Let Us Take Care Of Your Roof

Let The Grace Family Roofing Company do the work for you! We understand the vulnerability of the roof of the house. This is why we do the inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations the right way. Our goal is not just to get the job done but to ensure that any type of jobs we do to your roof, we make it with strategic planning before executing before starting the job. 

Have your roof regularly inspected and maintained to avoid the future inconvenience that may require you at a big expense. We are a family-owned and operated business in York, PA that provides a free estimation and ensures high quality of work for your house roofing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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