Choosing The Right Color Of Roof Shingles Matter

The exterior of every home is what people notice first whenever they see one. From the facade to the side, our eyes are very keen on a house’s exterior details. Every detail matters! Admit it or not, it really does because no homeowner would want to show any unpleasant features of their own homes, right? 

And with that being said, even the details of the roof of the house matter. Even for a single person to see it only when they are afar or in a high place, the roof still has an impact on someone’s impression, particularly the color. 

In this blog, we will share with you what are the things to consider when choosing the right color of shingles for the roof of a house.


The Temperature

The reason why the colors of shingles to be used for a roof is important is because they are going to stay for a long time on your roof. The roof color can affect and influence the color temperature of your home when the weather changes.

A light color roofing absorbs less heat through the roof during summer.

A dark color roofing can raise the temperature of the inside of your home’s highest room(s) such as the attic, especially during winter.

In short, roof color affects the internal temperature of the house which is a good indicator for you when choosing a color depending on where you are located.


The Curb Appeal

The roof design and color set the mood when someone looks at the overall aesthetics of a house. If your house has a lighter shade tone, then the light color of shingles is best. But if the color tone used in your house is dark, then darker shingles color would be the right choice.

It is best to choose the color for your roof based on what color would complement than what would make it stand out instead. While you may like something that stands out, your neighbor might find it an eyesore and complain about it. Although it is your own home, you should be considerate and self-aware of your surroundings. It is not bad to consider others’ opinions if it would give you a harmonious way of living experience in your location. And always remember that a visually appealing roof can add more curb appeal to the overall aesthetics of the house.


The Landscape

Another thing to consider when choosing the right color for your roof is the landscape of your property. Is your house surrounded by nature or by other neighbors? As mentioned, instead of choosing that color that would make your roof stand out, choose what would compliment it and its environment instead.


Consult An Expert

Roofing contractors aren’t just about repairs and installation of roofing for houses. You can consult with them about the right color to choose for your roof. They have ample knowledge and proven experience when it comes to this matter. They could give you good advice or recommendations that you can consider because they are experts in this field. Thus, they will give you a reasonable explanation if they don’t just repair and install, but they also ensure that their work is something to be proud of as it will reflect their credentials as a roofing company.


Need A Roof-Related Assistance?

The Grace Family Roofing Company is a family-owned and operating company in York, PA offering roofing services such as repairs and installations. Through the years, we have established and proven high-quality workmanship in the industry. Our goal is not only to do the work assigned to us but provide top-notch service to meet our clients’ expectations and give them satisfaction. Contact us today to book an appointment so we can assist you!

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